Resilient, Reliable And Highly Available Staking Pool

Professionally managed

Earn Value

Earn ADA while you sleep, without any risks!

Low Fees

Maintenance Fees are just 1% of the rewards

Highly Efficient

Pool managed through automation

Human Touch

1:1 support through Telegram for Delegates

About Us

Graphene is a paneuropean staking pool. Our team is highly specialised in infrastructure and cryptocurrency.

Earning rewards had never been so easy and low risk for Cardano holders.

  • Earn while you sleep
  • Your ADA never leaves your wallet
  • Receive 1:1 support through email and Telegram

Formed in 2021 during the last months of the COVID19 pandemic, Graphene was born with the mission of making crypto more human. We offer 1:1 support over Telegram and e-mail for our delegates. If you're thinking about staking with us, please reach out.

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How is our pool currently doing?

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Graphene Pool offers professional management and enterprise grade performance in exchange of low fees.

Professionally Managed

Managed by a team of experts on infrastructure and cryptocurrency

Enterprise Grade

Best in class hardware coupled with world class customer service and support

Low fees

1% of any rewards goes over for maintenance and improvements

Decentralised Staking

Make Cardano stronger by diversifying where you delegate your ADA

Profit reinvestment

Graphene Pool reinvests parts of the profits into giving back to the community


The success of Graphene Pool brings further innovations

Join Us!

Delegate your ADA with us and start earning passively. Improve the health of Cardano and increase the value of your ADA.

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Our fees are extremely adjusted. Get on board soon before our first pool is saturated. Next pools will likely have increased fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we cover your most frequently asked questions.

  • If you have your ADA in an exchange you will first need to take it out to your own wallet. Once in your wallet, go to the delegate or stake section and look for our pool's ticker GRAF or for our pool id a8435275c45966000bf983fa2267f586c582529d5ddfe109750d8a17

  • Do I have to transfer my ADA to you?

    No! Your ADA never leaves your wallet. You don't lend us your ADA. You just delegate them to us for staking.

  • You can stop delegating with us at any time and take with you any rewards you have already earned.

  • No. Any profits you earn are automatically staked into the pool, so you can earn even more ADA next time.

  • It is a rule of the Cardano network that every staking pool has to charge a 340ADA fee per pool, but only when rewards have been earned. For example, when our pool gets a reward of 1000ADA, 340ADA are substracted as a fee. The 660ADA left are proportinally distributed among the pool's delegators, then a 1% of each delegator's reward is charged also on fees. The more delegators we have, the more those 340ADA are diluted.